About a week ago bestonlinecasino.sg got contacted by Great.com for an interview. They wanted to make an article with us and ask what we do in the worldwide gambling market. Of course, we were happy do answer all their questions, and get a chance to represent our brand on their site. The full interview can be found here.

We thought we wanted to return the favor, so we did an interview with them as well;

Online Casino Bonuses at Great.com

Great.com is an excellent source for American online casinos, to help you find the Best NJ Online Casinos with all the best online casino bonuses. However, Great.com is so much more, which is the foundation to their greatness as well as the essence to their future success.

As they asked us how we would describe our business, how we ended up in the casino business and what has been our biggest challenges, we let Great.com describe themselves. However, we are very curious about two key questions:

  • What are you most proud of?
  • Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Below you have all about what makes Great.com and their concept as well as online casino and gambling website truly great.

This is Great.com

As you probably already understand, Great.com is a website that promotes online casinos and casino bonuses from gambling providers in the iGaming sector, that has been granted a gambling license in the jurisdiction of New Jersey (NJ).

To be truly great, every entrepreneur must have a vision and a goal. It’s exactly in that particular area where Great.com really shines like a star. Almost all of the online casinos and gambling review sites in the world are driven by a strong focus on profit. Great.com is unique in the iGaming industry, as a non-profit organization. At Great.com all profit goes to cost for running their operation, the great team behind, while all that is over is given to charity.

The heart and soul of their greatness is to deliver the best player experience at the best NJ online casinos, while giving all the profit away to charity. By using Great.com you are a part of the concept of saving the world through online gambling.

All this makes the answers to the two key questions easy:

What are Great.com most proud of? Having established a brand in the iGaming industry, that stands out in the crowd, as a unique non-profit organization that aims to create a better world.

Where does Great.com want to be in 5 years? Continue to grow and expand to cover the gambling scene of the world online to be able to, through charity, put an end to climate change.

Great.com – More than just Online Casinos

As a natural thing, most of the visitors at great.com are looking for the best among great online casinos with excellent casino bonuses. However, it’s much more than that.

On Great.com, you find:

  • Reviews of great online casinos.
  • Excellent choice of casino bonuses.
  • All about what we do for charity to put an end to climate change.
  • Articles about casino games, responsible gambling, others in the casino industry as well as news in the iGaming sector.